Avast Antitrack Premium Review


Avast Antitrack Premium is a powerful privacy tool that protects you from online tracking, hiding your digital fingerprint and protecting your operating system. It is a security software which combines antivirus and security software with tools to thwart hackers as well as ransomware, spyware threats, and phishing scams. It also comes with firewalls to safeguard network traffic, and shields to protect you from attacks by hackers.

Avat Antitrack Premium has a powerful malware detection engine that scored 100 % in my tests. It also includes additional security tools such as a username and password management tool, a home network scanner and a VPN and a security advisor that can adjust privacy settings on social media websites. Its compact and easy to use design makes it a perfect option for those who value their online privacy.

The software prevents companies from analyzing your browsing habits to build an online profile of your preferences and shopping habits. It also shields users from ‘fingerprinting’ methods that track your browser based on its settings, and uses that to track your activities on the internet. Our anti-tracking technology will also stop websites from snooping on your computer’s hardware to display ads that are targeted at specific users and even show jacked up prices for products you’ve studied.

Avast Antitrack Premium is distinct from Avast Antitrack Premium is different from a VPN. It cannot be used to secure and protect of your connections on public Wi-Fi, or to conceal your location. However it can stop ad trackers without altering the look of websites or restricting access to essential functions. It can also be used to look over external storage for malware, and the application can be used on multiple devices at once without degrading performance.

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