5 Specialized Virtual Data Room (VDR) Use Cases For Mission-Critical Processes

If businesses decide to use the virtual data room (VDR) to share confidential documents online with outside parties, they’re typically focused on the cost amount, security features and usability, which can be tested through a free trial offered by a majority of providers. While these aspects are crucial however, many don’t consider that a VDR’s true value lies in its specialized capabilities that allow sharing of confidential files for critical processes.

VDRs can be particularly useful for professionals who have to share sensitive documents, such as legal documents for clients or with investors, service providers or other third-party organisations. The document to be shared is HR and financial information, client legal documents, proprietary intellectual property or a business plan, the right configuration of a VDR can ensure that the documents are only accessible to only those with the appropriate permissions.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) procedures require the exchange of large quantities www.vdrblog.com/who-uses-vdrs/ of documents that need to be reviewed with confidence by multiple parties. The VDR’s flexible settings for permissions and easy-to navigate folder layout make it a perfect repository for due diligence procedures.

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies typically use VDRs to share confidential formulations, patents and molecules with other labs, regulators, investors, and potential partners in the research and development process, or in preparation for fundraising and licensing activities. A VDR specifically designed for this purpose is the most suitable solution as such information is highly confidential and must be protected by strict data protection standards.

The same goes for commercial real estate projects, in which there are a variety of buyers as well as investors will require large-format blueprints, financial reports and more. A VDR lets them accomplish this without the limitations of emails or similar file-sharing services that typically require lengthy downloads or uploads, and are unable to handle multiple users at one time.

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